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Improve your skills with 4 long-distance sailing women - Marblehead, MA - Saturday, June 1


The Women’s Sailing Conference, held each June in Marblehead, is great fun. I’ve been involved one way or another many times. It amazes me how many women come back year after year. It also astounds me how quickly and enthusiastically women learn from each other.

This year the conference is about women extending their range. That …Read more

Relationships & Roles Aboard

Boat jobs: Pink or Blue? Betsy Morris's confession


I have a new sailing friend, an exceptionally competent woman.

The first day we met, on a beach in the Bahamas, Doris said “I wish I’d understood when we moved aboard how uneven the tasks would seem. I wish I’d understood that my husband’s skills carried more weight than mine.” …Read more