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Cruising families rally in support of sailing with children and of the 'Rebel Heart' family

Let the naysayers know that there is no greater gift you can give your children than the beauty of the world.” Cruising Mom, Cidnie Carroll

The Kaufman family aboard SV Rebel Heart was rescued at sea this week when their youngest child became sick during passage from Mexico to the Pacific. This news has spawned a media frenzy with many people criticizing a life they know little about.

Cruisers have rallied behind the Kaufmans and the choice of the cruising life, and cruising families have sent Cidnie photos of their children living this unique and precious life on the sea.  Enjoy this window into the amazing life of cruising families.

Want to read more about cruising families:

Growing Up at Sea, by Ania Bartowiak (New York Times)

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