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Women & Cruising most popular articles in 2012

We have just tallied through the contributions we posted on Women and Cruising in 2012. Looking back on these 12 articles, I enjoy seeing this community of women continue to grow. Women and Cruising is not a planned top-down website. Instead it grows through the 100 plus women who contribute to it. …Who write something and want to share it with other women. And these articles cause other women to reflect on their own experiences and then contribute something new.

On a personal level, I have made many friends through Women and Cruising. Some women I feel I know because I have read their words here and seen their photos, and then one day we meet… at a boat show or in an anchorage. And so the cruising community grows for all of us! May you make friends through the Women and Cruising connection this year!

Thanks to these 12 women and all the rest of you who have written (and will soon write!) for Women and Cruising. Keep writing for us, keep reflecting on and sharing your experiences!

Here is to a 2013 full of laughter and love, adventure and health, and of course lots of wonderful time on the water!

Here are the 12 blog posts and features articles that interested you most (published on between Dec 15, 2011  and December 15, 2012.)

Child of the sea
Doina Cornell
On my own but never alone
Laura McCrossin
Ipad on board
Verena Kellner
Everything I needed to know to go cruising…
Carolyn Shearlock
Staying pink in a blue world
Clare Collins
Confessions of a bad boat wife
 Serena Li
Lipstick sailor
Lanea Riley
Storage: Any organizing tips and tricks for us?
Brenda Greene
What do women like most about sailing their boats
Karen Bergman
Admiral’s Angle #60: Bedding
Gwen Hamlin
Bored aboard: My guilty secret
Margaret Bujnoch
Anything you can do…
Lisa Gabrielson

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