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Bored aboard: My guilty secret

We have been living aboard for about a year and a half now, 7 months at a dock in Morehead City, North Carolina, 3 months moored in Marathon, Florida, 3 months cruising the Bahamas, 3 months docked in Baltimore, and now making our way south again.

I have a lot to say about boredom, because I have fought it nearly constantly since coming aboard.
We have been living aboard for about a year and a half

I have spent much time searching my psyche for the root of this boredom, and more importantly how I might overcome it. I’ve promised my husband 5 years to this lifestyle, and I intend to keep that promise, but I have to figure out why I’m bored in most people’s version of paradise. That’s a big part of my problem…how DARE I be bored when I am living so many people’s dream. It’s something I do not talk about much, this boredom, I feel tremendously guilty over it.

Every day, I am surrounded by beautiful water, sunny skies, gorgeous vistas in every direction. Here’s a thought…is it possible that every day being the same, even if it’s the same BEAUTIFULNESS, can simply BE boring? When we seek the simplicity of cruising, do we understand the SAMENESS we are choosing?

Yes, we have the gut-wrenching diversions of storms and scary passages, the tediousness of boat repairs, but mostly it’s all gorgeous, and serene, and the SAME. Well, that’s my attempt at a defense.

Mostly it’s all gorgeous, and serene, and the SAME.
Big Major Spot, Exumas, Bahamas
Here are a few thoughts I’ve had about my boredom.
No matter where I go, there I am.

I come from a life that had innumerable distractions. Turn on the television, go to a movie, surf the Internet, go shopping for clothes/household goods/food that I didn’t need, eat junk food.

Now, I live without access to these things, and mostly all I have is me! And my kind, good, and thoughtful husband. There is no escaping me. I’m often reminded of the saying (paraphrased) “no matter where I go, there I am”.

What was (am) I trying to distract myself from? Myself? Hmmmmm.

I’ve decided to spend time concentrating on learning to be comfortable with inactivity and silence, and not view those moments as boring. Meditation kind of time.

Internet access and AT&T signal! Jackpot!

I’ve decided to stop seeking comfort for its own sake. Truly exciting adventures rarely happen in anyone’s comfort zone. I think by leaving my comfort zone, and allowing for adventures, boredom will become rarer and rarer.

I need to stop being lazy, at least stop being lazy ALL DAY. Being active will certainly help with my boredom.

I wish I enjoyed the social aspect of cruising more. I like getting together with other cruisers, but maybe only once or twice a week. More than that, and I get really REALLY bored with cruiser talk. What’s cruiser talk? It seems to me to be about batteries, solar power, refrigeration, anchoring, and heads. I’m really REALLY bored with those conversations.

This brings me to the hardest thought…

I’ve more or less figured out that it is quite possible, and probably likely, that I am boring. I don’t like that fact. I think I am boring myself! So, what do I do? I need to get unboring!

I wish I could end this note with my successful overcoming of this problem, but it is ongoing.

I have the luxury (curse?) of lots and lots of time to think about how to overcome the boredom. Some days are worse than others, but I definitely know that getting off the boat is extremely important for me to not get overwhelmingly bored. I need to engage. I know this. And I’ll get right to it…right after my nap :-)

About Margaret Bujnoch

I came onboard, so to speak, with this crazy cruising dream when I fell in love with a man who had at that point spent four years saving and planning to “sail away” one day. The two of us then together spent another three years selling our houses and belongings, saving money, and finally setting off on this great adventure. I promised five years to the cruising life and don’t yet see myself as a life long cruiser, but I am open to most any possibility.

I have always “suffered” from intense wanderlust and this is one way of satiating the desire to explore new territory. We travel with our much loved dogs, Augusta Taylor and Biscuit Marie, who both love all the new smells. I am a registered nurse and I love nursing. I miss it and hope to return to it one day. Maybe travel nursing where I get to move every 13 weeks!

When asked to write an article on boredom I was hesitant. Mostly because I felt I had no “right” to feel bored. The cruising lifestyle is perfect, isn’t it? I finally wrote the article one day as a cathartic measure when I was feeling overwhelmingly bored. It helped! I hope the honesty in the article helps others who may need to hear that it’s “okay” if this cruising life isn’t always perfect.

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