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2011's most popular posts on the Women & Cruising blog

Happy  New Year everyone.

It’s the time of year when many magazines compile their top ten lists. So we decided to make our own list. What  conclusion can we draw from 2011’s list of most popular posts on the Women and Cruising Blog? Perhaps  only that we women cruisers are a diverse group  – as concerned about the practicalities (shampoo!, dinghies!, finances!, seasickness!, pressure cookers!…) as we are about the experience of cruising.

So  check out this list. Perhaps some of these posts slipped by you this  year. Add your own comments to these posts so that future readers can benefit from your experience. And while you are at it, put on your to-do list for 2012: Write for Women and Cruising!

Here are the 12 most-read posts on Women and Cruising in 2011.
Shampoo and soap for bathing in salt water?
Women & Cruising
First-time voyagers — what did they worry about that never happened?
Lin Pardey
Your disability
your opportunity

Teresa Carey

Is the Caribbean safe for cruising?
Caribbean Safety & Security Net
Is it worth it to get a pressure cooker?
Women & Cruising
Dinghy choice: RIB or hard dinghy?
Women & Cruising
How to cope with seasickness? Lynn
Food is Ann Vanderhoof’s route into Caribbean life
Ann Vanderhoof
What does it cost to cruise as a family?
Meri Faulkner
Oh, no, not another hurricane!
Pam Wall
6 Mistakes men make in sharing their sailing passion
Nick O’Kelly
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