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Diesel Engine Workshop for Women Jan 8-9, 2011 [canceled]

Did you ever think that one day you would be saying: “Gee, I wish I knew more about diesel engines – and was competent with general engine maintenance and emergency repairs.” …?

Who would have thought it?!

But I certainly feel more competent and comfortable aboard as I have learned how to change oil, filters, impellers, zincs and belts, and have a basic understanding that helps me troubleshoot problems.  And I wish I knew more!

Well here is a great opportunity to learn about your boat’s engine in a two-day workshop sponsored by the NWSA (National Women’s Sailing Organization) and Mack Boring Diesel:


DieselEngine2010027January 8-9, 2011
at the Mack Boring Facility in Wilmington, North Carolina
Instructor: Larry Berlin
Participants: 7 minimum; 15 maximum

Note: Deadline to sign up is now December 9. They will need 7 confirmed attendees by that date to hold the workshop. So sign up soon!


The two-day workshop will familiarize you with the proper methods of performing basic engine service and emergency repairs, with two-thirds of your time working on the engines yourself.

DieselEngine2010022On Saturday, you’ll get an introduction to diesel engines and periodic maintenance with lots of opportunities to do some work yourself.

Sunday you’ll kick into high gear with hands-on work focusing on the diesel engine’s lubrication, fuel, cooling and electrical systems. So you don’t forget anything, a take-home manual is also included.

This excellent opportunity with Mack Boring is based on a minimum of seven and maximum of 15 women. Deadline to register is December 9. Sign up soon!

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About the National Women’s Sailing Association

nwsa-logo-smallThis year had many highlights for me but one important one was speaking at the National Women’s Sailing Conference in Marblehead, Massachusetts this last June. It was such an inspiring weekend and I was honored to be in the presence of so many amazing women. I highly recommend checking out the National Women’s Sailing Association and getting involved with one of their events.

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Do you know of any great workshops for women who want to improve their sailing, cruising and maintenance skills?

Let us know.
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3 comments to Diesel Engine Workshop for Women Jan 8-9, 2011 [canceled]

  • Twenty-some years ago I took a marine diesel course in Ft. Lauderdale. It wasn’t a class specifically for women, but I was lucky…the other students had to cancel, but because I had prepaid and come from afar they ran the class for me alone! This probably allowed them to tailor some info to what we can politely call my lack of mechanical background. I learned a TON!

    This class tailored for women sounds like a terrific opportunity. No longer will the fundamentals of your boat’s machinery have to be exclusively the province of the boys’ club! Because engines are amazingly logical things, they are really quite interesting to get to know. And being familiar with the basics and even being able to do basic maintenance will be a huge mental insurance program for your cruising experience!

  • Note that the deadline to register has now been extended until December 9. You MUST register by December 9 to attend the workshop. If they don’t have 7 attendees by that date, they will have to cancel the workshop. Take advantage of this great opportunity if you can.

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