An Admiral’s Reference Shelf

Gwen Hamlin aboard As you may know, Women and Cruising co-host Gwen Hamlin each month writes a column for Latitudes and Attitudes magazine called The Admiral’s Angle.

Gwen has a group of “admirals” – women cruisers scattered around the globe who email their input to Gwen on each month’s topic. Gwen and her admirals have been doing this every month now for almost 4 years, and this month we are publishing Gwen’s 44th column!

We maintain an archive of all the past columns on our website. We publish them here one month after they appear in Latitudes and Attitudes. If you haven’t checked out this part of our website you should!

Gwen and her far-flung group of cruising women have discussed everything from how they got started cruising to why they do it, plus all those practical issues like outfitting and emergency skills and maintenance and guests aboard and laundry and fitness and singlehanding and communications and finances and …. (44 topics so far…!)

For the last three months, the admirals have been discussing their bookshelves – the books that merit precious room aboard their boats.

They are wrapping up this series this month as they talk about the reference books they carry aboard – their favorite references for seamanship, voyaging, weather, heavy weather sailing, maintenance,  etc.

Check out the column – #44 – Admiral’s Reference Shelf – and then let us know if we have missed any of your favorite reference books.

Perhaps you have even typed up a list of your own Ship’s Library. If you would like to share it with other cruisers, send it to us or send us a link to it on your website or blog and we will let Women and Cruising readers know about it.

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