A cruising bookworm loves her new Ebook reader

Carolyn O'Brien: My world has changed My world has changed!

My world has changed!

After 9 years of cruising the Caribbean I am no longer pleading with visiting family and friends to forsake extra shoes, hats and toiletries so that they can pack and carry the most recent best sellers in their one precious piece of luggage now allowed by many airlines.

I no longer search the book exchanges for a book by any author, in English, that I have yet to read. Book exchanges were initially a source of pleasure and out of desperation we were introduced to authors that we probably would not have experienced other than there were no other books available. Some of these same authors have become our favourites.

The world changing event for me happened after a trip home.  With my bags packed two days before our departure to return back to the boat, I realized that my bags were overflowing and overweight and I had yet to pack one book.

My Ereader can hold about 160 Ebooks in memory My reader can hold
about 160 Ebooks in memory

I made an instant decision to investigate and purchase an Ebook Reader.  I didn’t want a super deluxe version just one that would provide me with the ability to obtain and carry books that I would like to read without taking up precious space in my luggage.

The reader I chose can hold about 160 Ebooks in memory and has a slot available for an SD card in case 160 books are not enough. It is a paper-like background which allows me to read even in bright sunlight.

One of my favourite features of the reader is that I can choose the font size which is a wonderful bonus as my eyesight seems to have deteriorated over the years.

The best thing is that even with a very poor or weak WiFi connection I am able to download new books in less than 30 seconds. The Ebooks are a fraction of the price of paperback books and new releases are available at the same time or even earlier then in stores.

Since I bought my Ebook reader my husband and daughter have both purchased their own. The initial outlay is not insignificant but over time I think the Ebook Readers will pay for themselves by the reduced cost of the Ebooks .  I usually carry mine in my purse and so far the only disadvantage I have observed is that I am turning into a book worm.

Rick and I chose the Sony PRS-505 model Rick and I chose
the Sony PRS-505 model

Rick and I chose the Sony PRS-505 model (now discontinued) and my daughter chose the fancier PRS 600 “Touch Edition”.  The Sony reader requires a computer to download the books and works with an iTunes Store-like interface.  They support multiple file formats including Adobe PDF’s, ePub, blogs, RSS newsfeeds, JEPG’s, and Sony’s proprietary BBeB (“BroadBand eBook”).

In addition to the new releases and best sellers, it’s easy to find many free books available on Sony’s Ebook store, as well as at public libraries and on other websites.

There are a number of competitors and even more emerging with different features.  So while we are very happy with our choices, it’s worth investigating before joining us as ‘Ebook worms’.

About Carolyn O’Brien

Carolyn and Rick O’BrienCarolyn and Rick O’Brien have cruised aboard their Bayfield 36 sailboat, Wind-Borne III, since leaving Toronto in 2001. They have travelled down the east coast of the United States, the Bahamas, Eastern Caribbean, Venezuela and the ABC Islands.

Although they still venture up and down the island chain, they now refer to Carriacou, Grenada, as their home away from home.

You can read more about their travels on Wind-Borne III’s website,

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