Motion of the Ocean by Janna Cawrse Esarey


Has anyone read this new hot-off-the-press book by Janna Cawrse Esarey? She seems to have a great sense of humor – and it’s certainly a “Woman and Cruising” type book!

Janna just sent Gwen Hamlin an email announcing her book and we both went to check out:

Janna’s website, Her YouTube video trailer, and the
book listing on Amazon

The book’s complete title is:

The Motion of the Ocean
1 Small Boat, 2 Average Lovers, and a Woman’s Search for the Meaning of Wife

And here is the description:

Choosing a mate is like picking house paint from one of those tiny color squares: You never know how it will look across a large expanse, or how it will change in different light.

Meet Janna and Graeme. After a decade-long tango (together, apart, together, apart), they’re back in love — but the stress of nine-to-five is seriously hampering their happiness. So they quit their jobs, tie the knot, and untie the lines on a beat-up old sailboat for a most unusual honeymoon: a two-year voyage across the Pacific. But passage from first date to first mate is anything but smooth sailing. From the rugged Pacific Northwest coast to the blue lagoons of Polynesia to bustling Asian ports, Janna and Graeme find themselves at the mercy of poachers, under the spell of crossdressers, and under the gun of a less-than-sober tattooist. And they encounter do-or-die moments that threaten their safety, their sanity, and their marriage.

Join Janna and Graeme’s 17,000-mile journey and their quest to resolve the uncertainties so many couples face: How do you know if you’ve really found the One? How do you balance duty to others while preserving space for yourself? And, when the waters get rough, do you jump ship, or do you learn to navigate the world…together?

Let us know if you’ve read it – and tell us how you liked it!

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2 comments to Motion of the Ocean by Janna Cawrse Esarey

  • What a cool website! And thanks for posting a blurb about my book! You’re right, it’s not a book for men. After all, it begins with my realization that the skipper of the ship can be a real as* (am I allowed to say that here?). I suspect some of us have felt the same way once or twice, whether we’re cruisers or landlubbers. Anyway, I hope folks enjoy the book, and if you do, I’d really appreciate your review here and on amazon. Thanks for getting the word out!

    Also, if you’re cruising, leave a link to your blog on my website so others can read about your travels:
    We definitely need to get this Women and Cruising blog linked up b/c it’s a great resource!


  • I have read Motion of the Ocean twice. I enjoyed it so much the first time that it immediately became daily cockpit reading aloud to my husband, Jim. One evening, while entertaining friends aboard our boat, Montamarol, I overheard him telling our new friends about our habit of reading aloud and his comment (and my sentiments) that Motion of the Ocean was to date his favourite book concerning sailing – he mentioned Janna’s wit, honesty concerning feelings and her openess in sharing marital ups and downs. I highly recommend this book and hope there will be more books in the future from this charming author!

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