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See you at the Women’s Sailing Conference – June 6 – Marblehead, MA!

What a great way to learn more about sailing: the 8th Annual Women’s Sailing Conference to be held June 6, 2009 in Marblehead, Mass.

Enjoy a full day of learning, sailing, sharing, networking, and good fun at the Corinthian Yacht Club on beautiful Marblehead Harbor. Participate in a variety of workshops for women of all sailing abilities, presented by some of the best women sailors around.

The conference is a great way to learn more about sailing, acquire new tactics and techniques, hone your nautical skills, and meet women who share your interest and enthusiasm for being on the water. You can select on-land and on-water workshops that match your interests and abilities.

Workshops on Land:
  1. Charting
  2. Knots to Know
  3. Electronic Navigation
  4. Understanding the Wind
  5. Suddenly Singlehanded
  6. Diesel Engine
  7. Galley Cuisine
  8. Emergency Life Raft & PFD
Workshops at Float or on a Boat:
  1. Boat Systems
  2. Sail Trim
  3. Spinnakers
  4. Reefing, Flaking/ Folding Sails
Workshops on the Water:
  1. Crew Overboard
  2. Introduction to Sailing
  3. Introduction to Racing
  4. Take the Wheel
  5. Take the Tiller

I will be the keynote speaker at the dinner and award presentation Saturday evening, as well as there throughout the day. I look forward to seeing you there!

For more information or to register:

Women’s Sailing Conference Registration Form

National Women’s Sailing Association

For more information e-mail Joan Thayer at or call 781-631-2084.

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