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#67 – Accessorizing the Cruising Dinghy


Few cruisers have a master plan for accessorizing their dinghies, and instead leave things to evolve.

The result is often a cluttered dinghy, the kind that’s hard to step into, a pain to hoist aboard, and all-too-often not prepared to do what you need it to do when you need to do it! Improvements and additions [...]

#66 – Choosing the Cruising Dinghy’s Outboard


Once you’ve selected a dinghy that you believe will best serve your needs when cruising (see last month’s Admirals’ Angle), it’s time to start outfitting it so that it WILL serve those needs. Many sailors allow this to evolve, but some forethought can make a huge difference in how easy your dinghy will be to [...]

#65 – Choosing the Cruising Dinghy


Drop a new cruiser into a busy anchorage, and one thing sure to surprise is the variety of tenders hanging behind the anchored boats. Who knew they came in such a mind-boggling array of sizes, shapes and materials?!

New cruisers who have bought pre-owned boats may have inherited the previous owner’s dinghy choice…and considered it a [...]

#60 - Bedding

If it’s the last thing on your list, maybe it shouldn’t [...]

#51 – To Do Lists


When Must-Do’s and Wish-To-Do’s battle for priority before a major departure, what really [...]

#31 – To Have or Have Not?

It is the most recurring debate of modern cruising:  Do we keep the boat as simple as possible or do we load it up with all the equipment and systems advertised to make our cruising lives safer and more comfortable?  Everyone you meet will have a different opinion!

#29 – Little Things Make a Big Difference

Much has been written about what a boat needs to make it safe for cruising, but not so often is much said about what things make a cruising boat pleasant to live aboard.  I posed this question to the Admirals a while back and received a flood of input.  More than I’ve ever received for [...]

#9 – The Admiral’s Check List

Things to consider from a woman’s point of view when shopping for a cruising [...]

#8 – The Temptations and Realities of Size

Understanding some realities about boat size when determining what size boat to be shopping [...]

#6 – Laundry Day

What’s simple ashore may be a more complicated afloat:
how many cruisers address laundry [...]