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#51 – To Do Lists


When Must-Do’s and Wish-To-Do’s battle for priority before a major departure, what really [...]

#44 - An Admiral’s Reference Shelf

For the aspiring Admiral – that is the cruising woman who wants to be as informed and involved as possible in her cruising experience – the onboard reference shelf is an ideal resource.

Every cruising boat out there has one: at minimum a volume of general seamanship and the manual for the boat’s engine, at maximum [...]

#31 – To Have or Have Not?

It is the most recurring debate of modern cruising:  Do we keep the boat as simple as possible or do we load it up with all the equipment and systems advertised to make our cruising lives safer and more comfortable?  Everyone you meet will have a different opinion!

#27 - Single Women Sailing - Part 1

Not every woman comes with a man attached to her hip.  For some this is a good situation and for others not so good, but for women wanting to go cruising, it could be seen as a handicap.  Certainly the majority of the cruising community is comprised of couples, but it is often surprising to [...]

#22 – The Engine Room

Recently I was asked, “What should cruising women know about their engine rooms?” It’s easy to answer, “As much as possible.” But there are plenty of ladies who would exclaim, “As little as possible!” Most of us did not grow up mucking about with motors, electricity, or plumbing projects, and so the engine room on [...]