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Daria Blackwell invites you to the next Happy Hooking event, June 7.

Our next Seven Seas U Happy Hooking webinar is scheduled for June 7. We’ve had great response from previous attendees. It’s based on our book, “Happy Hooking. The Art of Anchoring.” We cover the newest anchors and how they rate against the old standbys as well as the newest techniques that help you drop and retrieve your anchors like an expert.

The Happy Hooking webinarIf you’ve never sampled a webinar, it’s the best thing to come along for learning in the comfort of your own home or boat. All you need is a computer and broadband.

We’ll be transmitting from Ireland, you’ll be chatting with us from wherever, and it will be an interactive experience to remember. Ask your most pressing questions online or email us afterwards. We’re here to help.

So if you want to brush up on what’s new out there that can help you stay put and wake up where you went to sleep, join us on June 7. To register, just go to the Seven Seas U website.

If you can’t make the live webinar, you can still download a recording for viewing at your leisure or you can sample our Anchoring a Sailboat Clinic at NauticEd.

NauticEd is a comprehensive new educational website for sailors, offering bareboat certification for chartering among many other courses for cruisers.

Anchoring a Sailboat ClinicThe Anchoring Clinic covers most of the same material as the webinar but in a self-paced written online course. It is set up in modules with a short test after each module.

Once you pass all the module tests, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. That certificate satisfies one of the requirements of the Bareboat Certification offered by NauticEd. You don’t need to complete the whole series to take our course. If you’re already a competent cruiser but just want a quick update on what’s new in anchors and anchoring, you can review this at your leisure.

NauticEd has some very useful apps and sailing games available free of charge so visit NauticEd website and check out our anchoring clinic.

I am pleased to offer 10% off the price of the Anchoring a Sailboat Clinic to Women and Cruising! Just enter hookbook10 as the promo code. Once you complete the course, you can also set up your own promo code (under the referrals tab when you log in) to get $10 off any additional  courses everytime someone signs up for a course using your new referral promo code.

Happy Hooking: the Art of AnchoringThe most comprehensive resource on anchoring is our book, “Happy Hooking. The Art of Anchoring.” It is available at and at can take it with you wherever you go.

Just this month it was endorsed by Practical Boat Owner in the UK after getting loads of favorable reviews in the States.

I’ll be starting a blog post with anchoring tips for women in the months to come, so send me your pressing questions, your pet peeves, and your best anchoring stories. We tackle them all together!

Happy Hooking! From Daria Blackwell…a new Admiral!

About Daria Blackwell

Daria BlackwellDaria Blackwell is a lifelong sailor and passionate cruiser. She has completed three Atlantic crossings and spent years cruising the coasts of the Americas and Europe, as well as the Bahamas, the Caribbean islands, and the Atlantic islands, most recently double-handing on their vintage 57-foot ketch, Aleria, with her husband, Alex, and cruising kitty, Onyx.

Daria holds a USCG OUPV Captain’s license and is a member of SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising Association), Mayo Sailing Club (Westport, Ireland) and American Yacht Club (Rye, NY). The Blackwells are also the organizers of the SSCA cruising station for Ireland.

The Blackwells are co-authors of Happy Hooking: The Art of Anchoring, which has received excellent reviews in the sailing press. Their seminar on anchoring has drawn large crowds and delivered exceptional attendee critiques and comments (Reference: SailAmerica). Most recently, they have been delivering seminars (on anchoring as well as other cruising topics) online and live via the Seven Seas University of SSCA, GLCC, yacht clubs and boat shows.

Daria is a frequent author about their sailing adventures, contributing to Cruising World, Classic Boat, Latitudes & Attitudes Seafaring, Practical Boat Owner, Ireland Afloat, Offshore, Windcheck, Spinsheet, Points East and elsewhere. For many years, Daria and Alex served as the webmasters for the website of American Yacht Club and launched the popular, “the boaters’ resource for places to go and things to know”. As founders of Sail4Kids Make a Memory Cruise, the Blackwells were recognized with prestigious awards by both American Yacht Club and the International Society for Perpetuation of Cruelty to Racing Yachtsmen.

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