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Happy Hooking – the Art of Anchoring: webinar February 12, 2011

Please join us for a lively interactive learning session about everyone’s favorite topic: anchoring. Don’t be intimidated by anchoring bullies. Here are the details:

Education for those long winter months – Seven Seas University Presents:

Happy Hooking – the Art of Anchoring

  • with Captains Daria & Alex Blackwell
  • Saturday February 12 at 1000 CST (1100 EST, 1600 GMT)

Happy-Hooking anchoring webinarWhether you are sailing your own vessel locally or chartering in the Caribbean or beyond, knowing how to safely and effectively anchor is one of the most essential and liberating skills you can have.

Knowing about anchors, rodes, anchorages and anchoring techniques is a prerequisite for enjoying an evening in a magically beautiful setting as well as getting a good night’s sleep while swinging from the hook.

Much has changed over the years and the new gear offers serious technical advances over the older standard options.  The goal of this session is to either help you get more confident using the gear you have, or to help you select new gear and understand how to deploy it correctly.  We’ll be discussing available equipment and its performance under simulated and real conditions.

In addition, we will cover:
  • Tackle and Anchor Selection
  • Techniques for Setting the Anchor
  • Scope, Chafe, Snubbers, Kellets, Trip Lines and More
  • Anchorage Selection: Charts & Guides, Picking Your Spot, Swing Radius
  • Setting Two Anchors and Med Mooring
  • Weighing Anchor
  • Anchoring Etiquette

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About Daria Blackwell

Daria BlackwellDaria Blackwell is a lifelong sailor and passionate cruiser. She has completed three Atlantic crossings and spent years cruising the coasts of the Americas and Europe, as well as the Bahamas, the Caribbean islands, and the Atlantic islands, most recently double-handing on their vintage 57-foot ketch, Aleria, with her husband, Alex, and cruising kitty, Onyx.

Daria holds a USCG OUPV Captain’s license and is a member of SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising Association), Mayo Sailing Club (Westport, Ireland) and American Yacht Club (Rye, NY). The Blackwells are also the organizers of the SSCA cruising station for Ireland.

HH-FC-for-webThe Blackwells are co-authors of Happy Hooking: The Art of Anchoring, which has received excellent reviews in the sailing press. Their seminar on anchoring has drawn large crowds and delivered exceptional attendee critiques and comments (Reference: SailAmerica). Most recently, they have been delivering seminars (on anchoring as well as other cruising topics) online and live via the Seven Seas University of SSCA, GLCC, yacht clubs and boat shows.

Daria is a frequent author about their sailing adventures, contributing to Cruising World, Classic Boat, Latitudes & Attitudes Seafaring, Practical Boat Owner, Ireland Afloat, Offshore, Windcheck, Spinsheet, Points East and elsewhere. For many years, Daria and Alex served as the webmasters for the website of American Yacht Club and launched the popular, “the boaters’ resource for places to go and things to know”. As founders of Sail4Kids Make a Memory Cruise, the Blackwells were recognized with prestigious awards by both American Yacht Club and the International Society for Perpetuation of Cruelty to Racing Yachtsmen.

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1 comment to Happy Hooking – the Art of Anchoring: webinar February 12, 2011

  • I recently viewed this webinar and found it an impressively clear overview of the anchors now available and the proper techniques for using them. There is nothing that makes you feel more secure on your boat than knowing you are safely anchored! I recommended this webinar to several of the attendees to our Women and Cruising webinar.

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