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Betsy Baillie: What do I most like about cruising

What do I most like about cruising, let me count the ways…

Photo provided by Betsy Baillie
… being on watch for sunsets and sunrises, sailing under star laden, moonlit nights with a shooting star here or there, and seeing the Milky Way on clear dark nights.

Photo provided by Betsy Baillie Photo provided by Betsy Baillie
… the power of steering the boat downwind, catching the crest of a wave, hoping to get the speed record of the day. last but by no means least, arriving at new places experiencing diverse cultures, cuisines, flora and fauna, making new friends and renewing old friendships. Every single place has its own story, every island its own beauty. Cruising is an amazing lifestyle.

Bob says I have a short memory and forget all those things I hate about sailing… like having to cook when we are hard on the wind, hand steering and stormy weather!

About Betsy Baillie

Betsy BaillieBetsy Baillie, circumnavigated with her husband aboard their yacht Belair from 1987-1991.

They bought their present Belair in New Zealand in 1998. In 2002 they departed New Zealand to sail home to Bermuda, sailing via Alaska and Cape Horn, and spending five years in South America. They still have not got Belair to Bermuda yet! Belair is presently in Fort Lauderdale.

Betsy works as a Public Health Consultant in Bermuda for half of the year when they are not sailing their boat.

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So what do YOU like best about cruising?

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1 comment to Betsy Baillie: What do I most like about cruising

  • Capt. Suz Wallace

    There is just something about laying on a warm deck with my eyes closed, listening to the wind in the rigging, feeling the splash of the bow as she dives from wave to wave and the breeze blowing a wisp of my hair across my face….everything is right with the world~

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