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What do you love most about cruising? Barbara Theisen responds

Tom and Barbara Theisen, aboard OUT OF BOUNDS


Cruising gives me the opportunity to travel in a way that allows me to slowly savor a place.

I’m  not a tourist on a five day “try to see it all” trip.

Instead I have the opportunity to be immersed in the culture, meet the locals, enjoy the unique atmosphere of a cruising destination. I not only taste the local dishes, I learn to cook them.

If I stay long enough, I become a member of the community (which is usually an eclectic mix of locals, foreign yachties, expatriates, backpackers, etc.). I often  volunteer my time to work on local causes.

Cruising give me the chance to visit places off the beaten path and it’s what makes long term travel affordable.

It allows me to participate in two of my favorite activities – exploring the underwater world through snorkeling and diving and discovering the natural beauty of the places we visit, especially the rainforests, endless beaches and mountains!


Having adventure in my life is extremely important to me.  Exciting and challenging experiences keeps me young!


The cruising lifestyle may require self-sufficiency, but in return I gain a great deal of independence.

It allows me to live life on my own terms. For me this means letting go of so many of the things society tells us we must have or must do. The house with the white picket fence…the keeping up with the Jones’ mentality.

Cruising as a Family

Although our children are now in their twenties, cruising gave us the greatest gift of all – a chance to raise our children in a lifestyle that offers a very natural and supportive environment for the development of capable individuals.

Cruising kids contribute in meaningful ways to family life.

In most families, mom and dad head off to work, the kids go off to school and anything that is needed can be gotten at the local supermarket or the mall.

Cruising calls for self-sufficiency. We rely on our kids to help out. Empowering our children in this way increases their self-esteem, their self worth, their self-confidence. If you were raised on a farm or in a family that operated a family run business where, as a child, you were expected to help out – you’ll know what I’m talking about. Cruising offers this same opportunity to kids.

I  can’t imagine a better way in which to raise a family.

What are the benefits of cruising as a family? I believe that homeschooling is a definite benefit. It should be considered an advantage of cruising, not an excuse not to go. It has added a wonderful new dimension to our lives. Another benefit of cruising is simply the joy that we found in spending time together and in learning and growing together.

About Barbara Theisen

Barbara TheisenBarbara Theisen has been living aboard Out of Bounds for the past 21 years.

She and her husband Tom, along with their daughters, Kate and Kenna have cruised the Great Lakes, the eastern U.S, the Bahamas, the Eastern Caribbean and the Northwest Caribbean.  Out of Bounds is currently in the Florida Keys.

Barbara is the publisher of and the editor of the Seven Seas Cruising Association Commodore’s Bulletin.

She has been published in nearly every national sailing magazine including Cruising World, Sail, Latitudes & Attitudes and Good Old Boat. She also enjoyed many years as a columnist for Home Education Magazine, Coastal Boating and Coastal Cruising and was the Contributing Live Aboard Editor at Northern Breezes.

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