Women and Cruising Seminar

See you at the 2009 Annapolis Boat Show!

AnnapolisSailboatE-Blastsmall It’s less than a month away and we’re getting excited about the Annapolis Boat Show.

We’ve received a number of emails asking about the Women and Cruising Seminar, so here are the details again:

Women and Cruising Seminar
Sunday October 11, 2009
12:00 – 1:30pm
Ballroom of the Annapolis Marriott Waterfront Hotel

Free, no advanced reservation required – thanks to Cruising World!

Topics covered: About the Women and Cruising Seminar

Yes, the seminar is FREE and there is no advance registration. Just show up!

Pam Wall and I will be accompanied by several familiar faces from the Women and Cruising website at the seminar:

Kathy Parsons Pam Wall Beth Leonard
Betsy Baillie Ellen Sanpere Debbie Leisure
We hope to see you there!

Men are welcome too!

Actually, lots of men attend our Women and Cruising seminars – because we discuss a lot of useful topics, because they want to better understand women’s perspectives, because they want their wife or girlfriend to be happy aboard, … and some men come to meet women who like sailing.

 More info:

Read Women and Cruising articles/posts of contributors who will be at the seminar:

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