Women and Cruising Seminar

Join Women and Cruising at the Annapolis Boat Show – Oct 11, 2009!

isemwac_150x94Thanks to Cruising World, we will once again be giving the Women and Cruising Seminar at the Annapolis Boat Show this Fall. It’s been a while since we have done the seminar so it will be a happy reunion for us – and for women and men who have attended the seminar in previous years and have told us they will be back again this year.

As a woman emailed us today: “I attended your seminar last year at the Annapolis Boat show and absolutely loved it.  I plan on attending again this year.”


The Women and Cruising Seminar is different every time we give it – because it all depends on who is in the audience and what questions they are concerned with. Here are some of the questions that women have asked about during the seminar:

  • seasickness
  • carrying health insurance and getting medical care in other countries
  • what I need to know to cruise and the best ways to learn
  • fears about night passages, bad weather, and pirates
  • the best ages to take my kids cruising
  • handling finances and mail
  • getting along aboard and dealing with conflict in small spaces, yelling
  • problems women singlehanders might have
  • provisioning
  • do we need a watermaker-refrigeration-washing machine-generator, single sideband radio
  • staying fit and healthy onboard
  • choosing clothes for cruising
  • provisioning
  • costs of cruising
  • staying in touch with families
  • leaving the boat in a secure place and flying home to visit family
  • how much do I need to know about diesel engines, mechanics, navigation
  • is cruising safe?
  • … and many more topics.

Like we said, it’s different, fresh and (most of all) FUN every time! So, we hope you can be there!

You will get a copy of our Women and Cruising handout Best Tips and Resources which we will be updating for the Annapolis Boat Show.

AND we expect that there will be several more Women and Cruising contributors participating in our seminar. More on that later as we have more details on who will be there!

Here are the details:

Women and Cruising Seminar
Sunday October 11, 2009
12:00 – 1:30pm
Ballroom of the Annapolis Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Free, no advanced reservation required

See you there!

US Sailboat Show - Annapolis MD

More info:

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2 comments to Join Women and Cruising at the Annapolis Boat Show – Oct 11, 2009!

  • Ladies,

    I am getting to work on my “good to go” list for my upcoming cruise. I will be sailing during your “What Works” webinar, may I purchase the booklet? I am sorry that I will miss the seminar.

    Thanks again for a great education last night. Looking forward to many more tips.

    Mary Beth King

  • Thanks Mary Beth, we are so glad you participated. Pam emailed me too and mentioned that you would be off cruising during What Works. I have your name on the list to email it to you! Best wishes on your “Good to go” list! Fair winds! Fondly, Kathy

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