How Yvonne Chooses Where We Cruise

Gwen Hamlin devoted her April and May 2009 Admiral’s Angle columns to “How We Choose Where We Cruise”. Here the husband of one of the Admirals throws in his two cents:

Bernie and Yvonne Katchor, Australia 31 “Let me tell you how Yvonne chooses how we cruise. May I add here she has never taken me to a place I have not immensely enjoyed in the last 45 years of cruising.

We were heading from Tobago to Venezuela and as we came out into the bumpy ocean she cried, “The bloody wind is on the nose again”.  She changed course and when I awakened to a rollicking sail we were heading North to a new destination.”

- Bernie Katchor, s/v Australia 31

(Bernie’s wife Yvonne is one of the Admirals that contribute to Gwen’s monthly Admiral’s Angle column in Latitudes and Attitudes magazine.)012 fish  dorado 54 inches fish everyday on N coast

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How do you choose where you cruise?

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